Creative Leads, Exchanges and Referrals


CLEAR is a business–to-business organization whose sole purpose is to increase business for and among its members.


CLEAR will meet on the first and third Wednesday of each month. Members and guests gather at 12:15 pm to meet and greet and to order lunch. The meeting will begin promptly at 12:30 pm and will run until approximately 1:30pm.

Meeting agenda will include:
Brief introductions for all members and guests
Sharing of leads
Any news or updates from members

All members are expected to act in a professional and ethical manner. Jokes, pictures and/or stories will not be forwarded to members unless prior approval from the member is received. Members will not ask for or expect discounts or lowered fees for member-to-member or member-to-referral business.

All members are expected to attend each meeting. If a member is unable to attend any meeting, they text, Facebook or e-mail Diana Brettrager OR Lisa Benson at least 24 hours before the meeting. When a member misses four meetings in one year, giving only the same day notice, CLEAR will accept the resignation of that member. If extenuating circumstances exist, the executive board must be notified.

An unexcused absence is considered for a member who calls to say they cannot make the meeting on the same day as the meeting, does not show at a meeting or does not e-mail or notify Diana or Lisa. Just asking another member to report your absence is NOT acceptable. Two unexcused absences will result in a reminder to the member. Four unexcused absences will accept the resignation of that member.

There will be only one member per profession/occupation group. Each member will be responsible for providing a description of their profession to be included in the CLEAR website. Members are expected to work primarily in their category. If there is a question of profession category, the membership will vote.

Any member may, after at least a one year tenure in CLEAR, apply for a dual-membership. The secondary membership must be applied for through the regular method of completing the membership application on-line and the membership will need to vote. Just because a current member applies for dual-membership does not mean that it will be granted automatically.

If there is a possibility of an overlap in services between two businesses, the current member will be consulted by the executive Board.

Membership limitations will be reviewed when we reach 35 members.

There will be NO multi-level marketing to actively recruit any CLEAR member.

Each member will have an opportunity to showcase his/her business for 20 minutes at a meeting during the year. If the member cannot speak on the designated day they will be required to get a substitute. That information must be shared with Diana Brettrager or Lisa Benson. If no substitute is provided, that member will lose their option to speak for the current year.

If a current member chooses to change their profession/occupation with CLEAR, they need to re-apply for new membership through the on-line membership application. All members will be asked to vote on the new membership. If there is a possibility of an overlap between members, the Executive Board will contact both members to discuss the concerns.

It is suggested that each member provide a minimum of 8 leads per year to CLEAR members based on the business/service needed. New members will be given until Jan 1st of the year following their acceptance into CLEAR to comply with the lead suggestions.

All leads are to “warm” leads. All leads are to be called within 48 hours and the referring member thanked for the referral and advised of the status.

There will be a minim of two social events per year, paid by CLEAR and all members are encouraged to attend. If a member submits an RSVP to attend and does not attend, a minimum charge of $25 per RSVP will be charged. If the absence is due to an emergency situation, the Executive Board will discuss the situation and has the authority to remove the charge.

Membership Dues

Membership dues of $135 per quarter is to be paid AT or BEFORE the 1st meeting of each quarter (Jan 1, April 1, July 1 and Oct 1). Any new member will $25 to their first dues to include their internet inclusion information.

If the dues are not paid BEFORE the new quarter begins, a late fee of $15 will be charged. For each meeting that the dues are late, a $15 charge per meeting will need to be paid along with the current dues. If the dues are not paid by the 3rd meeting of the quarter, CLEAR will accept the resignation of the member. If extenuating circumstances exist the Executive Board will be notified.

The $135 quarterly dues will include $45 fee and $90 lunch costs. Dues will cover the cost of supplies, individual member listing on the CLEAR web-site and a reserve fund. The reserve fund can be spent on a project or social event for members with a majority vote.

Membership dues must be paid in full, there will be no payment plans accepted.

If a check for membership is found to be NSF, the member will be responsible for any fees assessed by the bank for CLEAR.

If a member joins after the quarter has begun, lunch costs will be pro-rated; however the $45 dues and the $25 charge for internet inclusion will apply.

If a member knows of their absence ahead of paying their dues for the quarter, and gives property notification when paying their dues, the lunch cost can be removed from the quarterly membership dues.

There are NO refunds for missed meetings or resignations.

Leave of Absence

A member may request a three month leave of absence by submitting a request in writing to Diana Brettrager. The $45 dues must still be paid. All leaves of absence will be discussed by the executive board and must be approved by a majority of the membership. A three month leave of absence will guarantee the member their position within CLEAR. Any leave of absence that extends over 3 months will not guarantee the position.

Administrative Duties

The Executive Board will consist of the three longest standing members – Diana Brettrager, Pam Ruggeroli and Chris Aparisi. Pam Ruggeroli is also a Director. The Executive Board will be an unpaid voluntary position. If any member of the Executive Board cannot or is not able to serve in this capacity they will notify the remaining Executive Board members and a new appointment will be made based on tenure in CLEAR.

The following members will have additional responsibilities as indicated:

Diana Brettrager will be the administrative contact for correspondence, attendance, meeting place and signature on the CLEAR checking account. She will also be responsible for attendance and collecting dues. Diana will work with Go Daddy to host our CLEAR website.  298-6700

Chris Aparisi will be the second signature on the CLEAR checking account.  747-3600

Lisa Benson will be responsible for our CLEAR Facebook account and sending out meeting reminders. She will also be responsible for any special event invitation and RSVP. She is the third signature on the CLEAR checking account.  444-8910

Any members accepting additional responsibilities will do so without any remuneration and at no other cost to CLEAR.

Any appointment can be revoked by a majority vote of the current membership.

Any services that CLEAR will need, shall be at the discretion of the members, and may be handled by a non-member if it is necessary. That non-member may be paid their normal fee.

Each quarter, one member, chosen by random, will be responsible for running the meeting. All members will be given the opportunity to serve in this leadership role. It will be the leader’s responsibility to keep the meeting on track.

Any member-to-member complaints or concerns regarding a member’s integrity, either to CLEAR or their professional occupation should be E-mailed to one of the Executive Board Members who will present the complaint or concern to the remainder of the board. A confidential E-mail will be forwarded to member in question or a meeting held to discuss the issue.

Prospective Members

It is mandatory for a guest to attend two meetings in a quarter before applying for membership. A prospective member will be required to complete an application on-line at the website and sign a membership agreement. If they do not agree with the by-laws they will not be offered membership in CLEAR.

At the first and second meeting a potential member attends, they will be given 3-5 minutes to showcase their business. A new member will have the option to speak within 60 days of their membership by contacting any member who is already scheduled to speak to ask for a change of dates or to share their time slot.

If a prospective member is brought in by a current member, the current member should E-mail Diana Brettrager any critical information that would be necessary for the membership to vote intelligently. All members will be E-mailed a copy of the application and a questionnaire in order to make an informed decision.

All current members are expected to vote via e-mail within 3 business days of the E-mail. If there is only one prospect applying for a category membership, 75% of voting members must approve before the membership will be offered.

If there are two or more prospects applying for the same position, a majority of the voting members must agree to offer a membership.

A member may Abstain for any vote, but still must respond to the vote request. The Abstention will not be counted in the required 75% of voting members.

The submit line of any E-Mail requiring a vote will say: Important- Vote Required.

Prospective members are responsible to pay $20 for their meal. If not paid at the luncheon, the sponsoring member will be responsible for this charge.

Any prospective member that is not given membership in CLEAR, must wait 6 months to re-apply and must once again attend two meetings and apply for membership.


It is required that any solicitations to CLEAR (whether monetary or goods) be done on behalf of a 501C3 non-profit organization.

Membership Meeting

The first meeting of each year will a member-only meeting for the purpose of reviewing the by-laws and discussing any other issues. If the By-Laws are revised during the meeting, a VOTE REQUIRED E-mail will be sent to each member.

Revised January 5, 2017